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March Madness Bundle #16 Ultimate Zone Offense, Attack & React System, NBA Skill Development, and 130 Winning Special Situations Together for $31.00

eBook #1 Ultimate Zone Offensive Sets Playbook

It is a playbook that has 123 plays versus zones. It has 71 NCAA Zone Set Plays from the 2010-2011 Season. It has zone offensive plays from all the major conferences. It includes the SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Big 12, Pac 10, and mid-major conferences. As a bonus, I have included 9 NCAA zone blobs, 8 NBA Zone Offenses, 3 Euro-league Zone Offenses, and 32 Dribble drive motion offense zone set plays. It is packed with information!

It includes the X”s and O”s of Zone Offensive Set Plays from Mark Few – Gonzaga, Tom Izzo – Michigan State, Thad Matta – Ohio State, Travis Ford – Oklahoma State, Mike Krzyzewski – Duke Blue Devils, Sean Miller – Arizona, and many more other coaches.

The “Ultimate Zone Offense has 123 pages of zone offense that is totally packed with information. You get an insiders view into the NCAA, NBA, and Euro-league. You will be able to take advantage of any type of zone defense. Every basketball team has a certain “go-to” player who can make certain shots when needed. Each set play will show you how to get your best player the ball in their favorite positions. You will be walked through the basic set for each play and how it needs to be run, the different options, reads and counters to put your team in position to score.

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eBook #2 NBA Skill Development

All coaches can benefit from the unique drills and philosophies shown on this NBA Skill Development Playbook. Footwork is a big key for player development as Coach Peterman shares post secrets from the N.B.A. Also, Coach Peterman analyzes the idea of competitiveness, commitment and cutting discipline. A distinction is made between an individual workout and skill development.

The NBA Skill Development Playbook shows the NBAs knowledge on skill development. Weak hand development, playing through contact and Contesting shots are discussed. The NBA Skill Development Playbook also has quality shooting workout feature from several NBA teams to develop shooters.

This outstanding NBA Skill Development Playbook prepares coaches to hit the floor and maximize their time and their players potential. Every coach, regardless of level, must see this thought-provoking presentation on Skill Development. It has 102 pages of NBA Skill Development that concerns pick and roll, guard drills, post play drills, shooting development, NBA Man Defense tips, as well as Full Court and Half court defensive techniques.

The Ultimate Zone Offensive Playbook reveals nine out-of-bounds plays that will help you score versus a zone defense under the basket. The 71 NCAA set plays can be utilized and take advantage of a 2-3 and 1-2-2 zone defenses. This is the best zone quick-hitter playbook to hit the market in years! This is a must for any coach”s library!

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Attack and React Offensive System

The Attack and React Offense is a hybrid offense that is broken down into a phase by phase teaching progression. Each phase is a specific principle that is broken down so that it is easier to teach. Last fall I released the Attack and React DVD. Since then I have asked for feedback from all the Attack and React coaches. One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve gotten regarded breakdown drills. In response I have developed an Attack and React Drill Booklet.

The Attack and React Drill Booklet offers over 40 drills to help you install the first 5 phases of the Attack and React. The first 5 phases are the necessary phases that a coach needs to have installed before adding any of the additional phases. These drills will help your players learn how to attack their defenders off the bounce, move effectively without the ball, and read defenders to open up easier scoring opportunities. With all different types of drills each coach will find what they need.

One of the many positives of the Attack and React Offense is that it promotes player development. Since the offense is broken down into simple phases it allows coaches to teach fundamentals while installing each phase. This drill book has player development drills for every phase! Each phase has a drill you can use during individual workouts and team practices. Even if your not using the Attack and React Offense you will still find valuable drills that teach attacking skills, post development, shooting after various screens, and much more. Because the Attack and React is so versatile this drill book will have something for every coach.

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eBook # 4 130 Winning Special Situations

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1 Philosophy of Special Situations 2 Practicing Special Situations 3 General situations in flow of game 4 Offensive situations in flow of game 5 Defensive situations in flow of game 6 End of 1st 2nd, 3rd Quarters 7 End of game philosophy 8 End of Game General 9 End of Game Offense 10 End of Game Defense 11 End of Game Defense 12 Practicing end of game special situations 13 Specific Time and Score Situations to Practice

Some of the ideas covered in the 13 Sections are:

If we do lose, how would I rather lose a late-game lead? How to emphasize the importance of every possession and every situation. Giving your players confidence in game special situations. Using special rules to make your practice situations more competitive. Scoring with 2 on 1 situations. Rebounding free throws with an undersized team. Converting to defense from missed free throws. Pressing on a missed free throw. Last second plays, underneath inbounds plays, sideline inbounds plays, full court. End of game communication. Being thorough when you practice special situations. 21 specific time and score situations to practice and how to teach them. There are 130 topics covered in all!

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