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Oklahoma City Thunder Playbook, Dallas Mavericks Playbook, and 130 Ways to Improve Your practices bundle all for $25.00!

In the Dallas Mavericks Playbook:

  • Transition Offense
  • Zone Half-Court Offense
  • Sideline Out of Bounds
  • Baseline Out of Bounds
  • Half Court Sets
  • 137 pages of Coaching Material


In the Oklahoma City Thunder Playbook:

  • Top Plays
  • Transition Offense
  • Half Court Sets
  • Sideline Out of Bounds
  • Baseline Out of Bounds
  • Crunch Time/Last Second Plays
  • 119 Pages in All

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130 Ideas to Get a Lot More Accomplished in Practice

from The Coaching Toolbox (If you already have this eBook, but still want the bundle,
email me and I will send you another of my eBooks instead)

#1 The Practice Mindset–Practice with the mindset and manner of a champion
#2 Efficiency--Planning for the most efficient use of limited time and facilities.
#3 Habits–Motivate players to habitually do the right things right.
#4 Competition–Making basketball practice as competitive as possible.
#5 Team Building–Incorporating team and chemistry building.
#6 Game Planning–Incorporating game planning.
#7 Thoroughness–Be meticulous in covering everything you do in games.