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Best of Special Teams Playbook and Scott Peterman's Ultimate Matchup Zone eBook Bundle for $25

Best of Special Teams Playbook

by Chris Filios

Tom Izzo, head basketball coach at Michigan State and football fanatic, has always stressed the importance of being detailed in every facet of the game.  You will see it all in this special teams playbook.

Drawing wisdom from Hall of Fame coaches, from Vince Lombardi to Mike Ditka, who have all stressed the importance and impact that “Special Teams” have on the outcome of games, Izzo firmly believes that “Special Teams” have been a key ingredient in the program’s success for decades.

Knowing that so many games are decided by one to two possessions or less and that the majority of NCAA Tournament games are decided by even less, there is increased focus on five areas that make up “Special Teams.”

1. Jump ball situations
2. Baseline out-of-bounds
3. Sideline out-of-bounds
4. Free throw situations
5. After time-out plays

In this Special Teams playbook, we examine three of these areas and what some of the most efficient teams of the past several years are running in these situations.

The special teams playbook contains 210 basketball plays from 40 different NCAA teams:

• After timeout (ATO) half court man offense,
• After timeout (ATO) half court zone offense,
• Baseline out of bounds (BLOBs) vs. man,
• Baseline out of bounds (BLOBs) vs. zone,
• Sideline out of bounds (SLOB).

Teams included in the playbook:

After timeout (ATO) vs. MAN (96 Plays):

2017 UCLA 1.124 PPP (Points per Possession)
2017 La Salle 1.103 PPP
2017 Arizona State 1.071 PPP
2017 UConn 1.062 PPP
2014 Belmont* 1.045 PPP
2014 Creighton* 1.043 PPP
2015 Wisconsin* 1.033 PPP
2016 Notre Dame* 1.032 PPP
2016 Virginia* 1.032 PPP
2015 BYU* 1.024 PPP
2015 Northern Iowa * 1.023 PPP
2014 Michigan* 1.021 PPP
2016 Villanova** 1.019 PPP
2016 Saint Mary’s 1.016 PPP

After timeout (ATO) vs. ZONE (17 Plays):

2017 UNC Wilmington 1.448 PPP
2015 Delaware 1.417 PPP
2014 Utah State 1.414 PPP
2017 Harvard 1.357 PPP
2016 Virginia* 1.281 PPP
2014 Creighton* 1.277 PPP
2014 San Francisco 1.246 PPP
2016 Kentucky* 1.222 PPP

BLOBs vs MAN (59 Plays):

2017 Virginia 1.198 PPP
2017 Gonzaga 1.196 PPP
2017 Villanova 1.151 PPP
2016 North Florida* 1.147 PPP
2015 Notre Dame* 1.143 PPP
2016 Northern Iowa* 1.130 PPP
2015 Vanderbilt 1.102 PPP
2015 Weber State 1.091 PPP
2015 Davidson* 1.081 PPP
2014 Duke* 1.072 PPP
2016 Illinois 1.061 PPP
2016 Iowa State* 1.041 PPP
2016 Georgetown 1.022 PPP
2013 Creighton* 1.010 PPP

BLOBs vs ZONE (15 Plays):

2016 IPFW 1.929 PPP
2017 Texas A&M 1.667 PPP
2017 Florida 1.625 PPP
2017 Kansas State 1.611 PPP
2016 Northern Iowa * 1.522 PPP
2014 Iona 1.485 PPP
2017 Gonzaga 1.462 PPP
2015 Duke** 1.359 PPP
2016 BYU 1.259 PPP
2014 Michigan* 1.259 PPP

SLOBs (22 Plays):

2017 La Salle 1.280 PPP
2014 Lafayette 1.222 PPP
2016 Villanova** 1.176 PPP
2016 Michigan State* 1.157 PPP
2015 Indiana * 1.139 PPP
2016 Kansas * 1.125 PPP
2015 Notre Dame* 1.118 PPP

***NCAA Champion
*NCAA Tournament Team

Get this playbook now and use the plays used by some of NCAA’s best coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, Tom Izzo, Bo Ryan, Jay Wright, Tony Bennett, John Calipari, and many others.

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Ultimate Matchup Zone Playbook

by Coach Scott Peterman


  • You will understand how to “match-up” and cause confusion for the offense with a defense that conforms to their formations.
  • This match-up zone is the ultimate match-up zone defense because it deals with every scenario when it comes to a ball screen and all the different pick and rolls.
  • This match-up zone defense will help develop your player’s communication, stop great scorers, great scoring teams, employ man defense principles, and be difficult to scout.
  • It can be used with big and small teams.
  • This NBA Match-up Zone can be utilized on the College and High School levels with ease.
  • Confuse your opponents with a new wrinkle in the late half of the basketball season and especially for the play-offs.
  • Disrupt their offensive flow!

Click to buy the 2 eBook bundle for $25.00! You can pay with a Credit Card or Paypal.
After you make your purchase, you will receive an email with download instructions