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2015 NBA Playoff Playbook Bundle Special

Here is a detailed description of what the four playbooks contain. You can use these plays in multiple ways. First, you’ll get access to four different basketball coaching philosophies. Second, you’ll have the chance to get the most imaginative plays implemented by four different NBA teams not only during their best seasons, but also during the last season. Third, you’ll get a set of plays that your players will love to implement, no matter their level and age. A lot of material to motivate your players is included in these four playbooks.

1. The San Antonio Spurs Playbook contains the plays that led San Antonio to the 2014 NBA Championship. Inside you’ll find:

• Early Offense/Secondary: 25 Plays
• Horns Set: 16 Plays
• 1-4 High Set: 8 Plays
• 2-1-2 Set: 5 Plays
• Box Set: 4 Plays
• 4 Out: 3 Plays
• 1-4 Low Set: 2 Plays
• Special Sets: 4 Plays
• SLOB: 7 plays
• BLOB: 4 plays

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2. The Golden State Warriors Playbook contains the following plays:

• 8 quick hitting actions in their early offense
• 50 half court sets which include horns sets, zipper actions, power actions, flex actions, multiple ball screen and dribble hand-off options, isolations, floppy actions, and Iverson actions
• 11 sideline out of bounds plays
• their primary baseline out of bounds play!

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3. The Los Angeles Clippers Playbook contains the plays that led Doc Rivers team to a remarkable season this yeas. Inside you’ll find:

• 7 Early Offenses
• 42 Half-Court Sets
• 11 Horns Offenses
• 4 SLOBs and
• 2 BLOBs

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4. The Dallas Mavericks Playbook contains the following plays implemented by coach Carlisle’s team:

• 11 Different Secondary Breaks
• 11 Sideline Out Of Bounds Plays
• 3 Key Baseline Out of Bounds Plays, and
• 75 Half-Court Set Plays

Click here to buy the 4 eBook special bundle for $37